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KA2 School Education Strategic Partnership Project titled "Jobs 4 Future", presented by Sirri Yircali Anadolu Lisesi High School during the 2020 call for proposals, was evaluated within the scope of Erasmus Plus Program and was awarded with a grant of 187.442 Euros as a total project budget.

Our project wll contnue for two years n partnershp wth Lceul Teoretc Ion Barbu (Romana), Sirri Yircali Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey), Agrupamento de Escolas de Vlela (Portugal), Ion Imerso GENIKO Lykeon Kardtsas (Greece), Tevfk Serdar Anatolan Hgh School (Turkey) and IES Tegueste (Span).



Our project ams to mprove verbal and nonverbal behavors and wrtten communcaton sklls n both mother tongue and Englsh. In ths way, they wll have the capabltes requred by a qualfed job. By becomng natural n a foregn language, students wll also develop oratory sklls n front of the publc, vdeo cameras and mcrophones.Our next prorty s to become famlar wth the socal and educatonal value of European cultural hertage, ts contrbuton to job creaton, economc growth and socal coheson. We mean to mprove the cvc actvty of adolescents by becomng aware of the current aspects of socety and the contemporary world, by helpng them to nterpret and practce ther ndvdual decson-makng technques.

Our School and Its Purpose

Our school was bult by the eponymous founder Sirri Yircali Anadolu Lisesi . It s a hgh school of fve years of educaton ncludng a preparatory term.The man objectves of our school are to mprove our student`s foregn language sklls and to ensure them to use these sklls for The major objectve of our school s to be an educatonal home that educates students who are democratc, partcpatory, cooperatve, loyal to the Kemalst deology and who use all the possbltes of the technologcal structure durng ther educaton processes n harmony wth the globalzng world, n our country whch s n the process of an ntegraton wth the European Communty.

SYAL Spirit

The most valuable topc n our school s the sprt of our school. Every student who studed at SYAL feels that he belongs here and he takes the sprt of SYAL wherever he goes around the world. And ths cleary shows that a student wth the sprt of SYAL has a dfferent mndset , sprt and phlosophy of lfe. Lke our school says " Beng from SYAL s a prvlege. ". Also we have an Alumn assocaton that becomes a brdge between the students are studyng at our school now and the Alumn ones our assocaton takes an actve part at a lot of actvtes and projects.

Actvtes and Projects

In our school, many knd of project s organsed. Lots of club events and works are mantaned based on the student's' talents and nterests as well. Manfold researches, conferences and projects n the feld of scence and lterature are watng for students n addton to welfares, scence olympcs, school orchestra and more.

Contact Informaton

Phone Number:0266 2462420

Certificationsreferences :0266 2462422


Instagram : sirri_yircali_anadolu _lisesi

Address : New Neighborhood TOKI Road Street Block No: 9/1 KARESÄ° / BALIKESÄ°R